Flail Mowers


The Rhino Flex Flail® is ideal in any situation where time, fine cut and smooth finish are important. Flex wings conform to terrain, while flail technology assures precise trim, excellent cutting dispersal, and no windrowing. All components are made in the United States.


Alamo Industrial’s Interstater™ sets a high standard for roadside mowers, with single and dual wing options, hydraulic pump drive for the mowing units, and unique in-frame hydraulic oil cooling for reliable constant power.


The S.M.A. PUMA 2150S is the best seller in the range of flail mowers. It offers agility, power and ability to varied terrain. It delivers the precise trim and excellent cutting dispersal expected of flail mower technology .


The new Bomford Turbo VM is specifically designed for verge grass cutting, with contractor in mind. The Turbo VM is hand built it England and offers cowl angling from +90 degrees to - 50, cutting widths of 1.6m or 2m and a choice of flails.

The precision and fine cut offered by flail mowing technology can also be found in equipment from Tiger, Spearhead, McConnel, Rousseau, Twose and Terrain King.

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